Communion with nature

“Everything is inside nature, the old one’s have understood that”

Who better than nature, from we come from , can relax and bring us to a better life?

It is recognized that “forest baths” or nature-centered therapies are preventive methods to reduce the level of stress, improve the quality of life and reduce stress-related diseases.

Our body has adapted to nature during the millions of years of its evolution.

Life in today’s society, as we have created it, puts him in a state of constant stress.

Contact with nature, which brings us closer to our original and natural state of human beings, generates a state of physiological relaxation.

Nature around us is so important and beneficial to us!

Take time to savor it with all your senses …

Love and inner peace are the most precious gifts.


We are part of the earth, and the earth is part of us.


Here is a small idea to solicit your five senses in nature (in Corsica or elsewhere) according to the practice of SHINRIN YUKO (sylvotherapy or forest bath in Japanese):

Turn off your phone and let nature soothe your body and mind through your five senses.

Observe colors, shapes and movement on the trees. Look at the leaves and look in every detail. Look at the sky through the branches.

Be aware of all the smells around you, the earth that awakens in the spring or the leaves that return to the ground in the fall. Or the smell of a cold winter day or a summer afternoon filled with ripe red fruit flavors.

Listen nature sounds, birds, wind in the trees, rustle of leaves under your feet.

Touch different textures of the trees, the cold water of a stream.

To entangle a tree gives a sensation of immediate connection with nature.

Foods are better when eaten outside, so pack a picnic and tea thermos. Experience the pleasure of sitting and being in touch with nature for a moment.