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By waking up in the morning, thank heaven for the glow of the day,

for your life and your strength; for the food you get

and for the joy of living.


Tourist residence

The Bravone relay

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A Hacienda, a story.

“Our tourism residence is the result of a dream, a strong friendship and a few liters of sweat.

The Relais de Bravone is a former Hacienda. He was born nearly 50 years ago and evolved with a small piece of soul from each of us. »

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Unique tourist residence in Corsica

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Take advantage of our tourist residence in Corsica to recharge your batteries in a Western atmosphere close to nature. A unique place in Corsica, the Relais de Bravone welcomes you for unforgettable memories.

Holiday residence at 150 meters from the sea.

Located 150m from the sea, you can enjoy the still wild side of the island. On this side of Corsica, the beaches extend to the loss of sight, dotted with small coves. The water is crystal clear.

The small fish come to tickle your ankles when the sea is calm.

You can also radiate thanks to the central position of Linguizzetta on the Corsican coastline. This will allow you to discover a large part of our beautiful island in a short time.

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Rejuvenate yourself,

you are on vacation…


Relax and take care of yourself.
For this purpose, the residence offers Shiatsu massages provided by a practitioner graduated by the French Federation of Shiatsu.

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Browse our agricultural field and its seasonal citrus.

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