Well being @ Relais de Bravone

“With the Relais de Bravone, you can also enjoy a moment of relaxation. A privileged moment during which you will be in harmony with yourself;

Shiatsu massages directly in your apartment or in our outdoor lounge privatized just for you.”

At the Relais de Bravone, you can also enjoy a moment of relaxation . A privileged moment during which you will be in harmony with yourself; A state-certified practitioner visits our beautiful home to provide Shiatsu massages . Whether it’s directly in your apartment or in our privatized outdoor living room just for you.

Always in this approach of well-being and communion with the nature but also with oneself, Relais de Bravone created a partnership with a qualified Practitioner by the French federation of Shiatsu.

These Shiatsu massages are available during July and August.

What is Shiatsu Massage ?

Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese art and means pressure (atsu) fingers (shi), it is thus a stimulation of the body by the hands and the fingers.

This practice is based on the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. The practitioner awakens this natural potential for healing and rebalancing.




For quick relaxation sessions.

Deflating effect.

Treated Areas: neck, head, shoulders, back, arms.


30MN / 1H

Breath training

 Essential oils Massage that reduce stress, relieves tension, rebalances and tones the energy of the meridians of organs and tissues.

Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.



Specific techniques of stimulation reflex on the plantar arch to revive the bodily energies.

Relaxing and toning session at time.



Restarts lymphatic system and improves blood circulation.

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Claudine Siegel-Mignari presentation:

Independent practitioner in Shiatsu since more than 20 years, I pratice on the Relais de Bravone and I propose you 4 types of energetic massages according to your needs.

Holidays are the perfect time to let go your stress and problems and recharge your batteries, shiatsu helps relieve tension and tiredness by harmonizing both body and mind.
The massages can be done in your apartment or in the outdoor lounge dedicated to relaxation, provided by the residence of the Relais de Bravone.

I propose to contact me to make an appointment for a serenity moments, just for you and for you.
Because we never love ourself enough!


Available in July and August, by appointment, you can ask for my contact details at the arrival of your stay or by contacting me via this form :


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