Les Vergers de Bravone

Our Orchard

Visit our orchard

You can also savor homemade citrus jams by Francette and Sandy.

For this ask for more information when you arrive on holiday at the Relais de Bravone.


Because we are sensitive to alternatives, we grow pomelos, clementines and organic oranges in our orchards.

We invite you to discover our Organic Agricultural domain specialized in citrus fruits Les Vergers de la Bravone: Clementines (from November to January) / Oranges (from January to early March) / Pomelos (from March to July). The Orchards, located 2 minutes drive from the Relais, are crossed by the Bravone (small wild river that can be traced very easily on foot).

We can show them around during a “safari” ride in Renaud’s Pick-up (if he agrees of course!), A moment of exchange and sharing about our values!