A family dream

Relais de Bravone is the dream from LECONTE family, in love with virgin spaces and in search of secret adventures far from cities and suburbs.

Corsica was the ideal island to build and realize this dream. A dream that came true with the help from five friends ready to invest in a “maquis” property at the seaside where everything was still to be done.

« We were pioneers in 1963, for this kind of installation « Western holiday tourism residence » in Corsica. »

Ranch de Bravone welcomed some rising stars of the time such as Line Renaud and Johnny Hallyday. Since 1970, the Relais has been welcoming families from all style from Europe. As the years go by, we carry out work and improve our apartments while keeping the soul and the imprint of the old ones.(Read more down)

To discover this place, Papa was eager to leave everything in Paris and the adventure began for my parents (Bob and Jeanine LECONTE) and me, Francette, from the height of my 13 years. We were in 1959. Arriving, what was our surprise: hundreds acres of maquis completely impenetrable. A compass was indispensable in such vegetation populated by cows and wild boars.

Our installation matches more or less with that of black feet. Corsica, in 1960-1961 was a little forgotten by the goverment  “the forgotten of France”. The eastern coast was sparsely populated: groceries, butchers, bakers, police officers were in the mountains, and plains came only from street traders. The road network, very basic, was a succession of gravel roads, old tar full of “potholes” and corrugated iron sheets. The cars were not in danger of speeding at that time!

I arrived in 1961, a year after my parents installation. I was 13 years old and had two horses that Dad bought in the mountains: a mare and a very young barely trained erect named “Coco” and a team of masons waited for me delighted to have a “boy tomboy” By their side. Coco lived 32 years at home and many others followed him at the same age.

Papa’s friends had decided to build a “ western holiday village ” all in wood, equipped bungalows by the sea with horses of course, a saloon restaurant … That’s when that the Relais construction beginning.

Dad realized his dream: a vacation home like Hacienda. It was quite long because the construction of the Ranch went hand by hand. The Prefect and the Mayor had to come and see the future location of the Ranch de Bravone. When they arrived, they noticed that the Ranch was built with a barely accepted permit ! However, as the idea was original and well done, everything went well…

We were pioneers in 1963 for this kind of installation “ tourism holiday western residence ” in Corsica and for me, during this period, it was total freedom: horseback riding to the bottom of the plain, gallops on the RN of Linguizzetta (there was very little traffic at the time) and we went up without saddle, that boring memories!

Over the months, the number of horses increased, we bought mainly small Corsican mares that we did foal. In total, about twenty horses ready to welcome our first customers coming from the continent and to make the happiness of many families during more than 10 years. The Bravone Ranch also welcomed some rising stars of the time such as Line Renaud and Johnny Hallyday.

Meanwhile, the relay was growing, with more goats, the work was very varied. We made cheese, jams that were sold during the tourist season, and fruits and vegetables that we harvested in our large orchard and garden.

Since 1970, Relais de Bravone has been welcoming families from all walks of life. Over the years, we are working on improving our rental apartments while keeping the soul and place spirit.

Renaud, my son like my parents, is as passionate about horses and American style as his grandfather! He has given back modernity and exoticism to our beautiful tourism residence. In addition to the Relais, Renaud inherited his father’s organic citrus farm (clementines, oranges and pomelos). Our Relais guests have the chance to visit this orchard which is 2 minutes drive from the residence. Some have even been able to taste our delicious pomelos, in summer, that we give with pleasure!

The Relais is much more than a family affair. Relais de Bravone has a soul that we must preserve. Every member from our family has given character to our residence. Our family is growing and we will continue our adventure with the imprint and personality of each. We will evolve over time to satisfy our clientele but we will not forget our parents and grandparents who have achieved their dreams.

It’s our turn to realize ours.


By order : Bob Leconte, Jacqueline Dumont, Jean-Guy Dumont,

Francette Leconte et Renaud Dumont, Jeanine Leconte

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