Relais de Bravone comes from the work of several generations:
parents, parents, children and maybe grandchildren …

We have all brought something authentic and sincere, each with our
personality and the desire to create something different, that looks like us!

Renaud has been passionate about westerns and America since his young age.
Passion inherited in part from his grandfather, it goes also with his love for horses … we can even say that he is born with! The “western riding” was immediately obvious in this family.

You understand from where our Park style comes from! It just looks like us!

Renaud is also passionate about plants, diving and motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson, you guessed it.

In parallel with the Tourism Residence, our “cowboy” spends much of his time in our organic farm where he grows citrus :

  • pomelos
  • clementines and oranges,

Being very sensitive to alternatives for our well-being and for our Earth, we like to live in harmony with nature, and the rhythm from it!

I am Sandy and I know Corsica since my childhood.
This Corsica, where I was born, is a wild strong land and like us, it is authentic.

This love for Corsica has grown with me and like her, I want to bring a true color to everything we undertake.
Passionate about horses like Renaud, I am close to nature and animals.

I traveled a lot alone around the world or as part of a personal development.
Through these travels, personal and professional experiences, I rediscovered the importance of the nature and the interaction that we have with her.

Animals, stones, trees … everything is there for a reason and all contribute to our well-being and our evolution.
We must regain consciousness, reconnect to these worlds plant, mineral and animal that are part of us.
In the interest of respect, we must learn to understand and apprehend them.
Thus, we will live in a more harmonious way with this wonderful Nature.

The residence is bathed in lush vegetation. While crossing our Park, you will find messages from the Amerindian wisdom, information on trees, animals, notes …

We are happy to share with you our love for our Nature!

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